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Disclaimer: This is not to be taken as legal advice although the release was written by a U.S. lawyer. The release is generic and was not provided taking into situations and other considerations specific to your organization.  

Note: It is always important to make sure the signer understands what s/he is agreeing to and what the ramifications are.  Additionally, written forms such as the one provided below are not appropriate in all cultures as signed documents can be viewed with suspicion.

International Laws & Treaties:

Special Thanks to: 

Katrina Cavanaugh Monsess and Cara Foster Karim for the African Children's Charter design & illustrations,

David Weinberg for the Arabic translation and Abdallah Mohamed for the Kiswahili translations of the ACRWC,

Dr. Carlos De Pablos-Ortega and the SAAM Project at the University of East Anglia for the * subtitles and translations.

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