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The Toolkit includes:

  • Training Videos on child abuse, investigations, child rights, and positive discipline.  As of October 2016, the first phase of animated training videos was completed in English on the following topics:

    • Abuse: Types, Signs of Abusers, and Symptoms of Abuse  Sp. Subtitles: Sp., Fr.

    • Reporting Abuse

    • Listening Skills for Disclosures

    • An Introduction to Child Rights

    • Taking Photographs

    • Case Studies Practice

       Spanish and French subtitles are coming soon, thanks to the work of the SAAM program at the University of

       East Anglia.

  • “How to” Manuals for writing policies and procedures

  • Risk Assessments for determining where the most common threats for child abuse exist in a specific context

  • Information & Guides on child development, health, classroom management, comprehensive sex education, emergency preparedness, and dealing with trauma

  • Resources for templates, laws, help lines, organizations & agencies, best practices, and a glossary of terms

  • And much more

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