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Thanks to the many people who have contributed both time and money to this project. 

CPT would particularly like to recognize:


Nathalie Duveiller, Laura Erizi, Elita Jenks, Faye Kepner, Abdallah Mohamed, David Weinberg, and University of East Anglia SAAM group

Artists & Graphic Designers:

Katrina Cavanaugh Monsees and Sara Telfer

Voice Actors:

Courtney Hinton, Marli Mesibov, Greg O'Brien, and Jill Ryan

Financial Contributors:

Wall of Protectors ($2000):

Kyra Travis

Wall of Defenders ($1000)

Oren Bachar

Tayeb Karim

Heather & Jim O'Neill

Wall of Guardians ($500)

Kat Godfrey

Kevin Grinberg

Wall of Advocates ($100)

Mary & Frank Baron

Jonathan & Daniel Calabretta

Kate Cassidy


Sue & John Dewan

Nik Ivanov

Dan Lee

Michael L'Heureux

Alyssa Moy

Catalina-Mara Nicorici

Amy Padva & Chris Young

Yoni Samlan

Allen Schiller

Sara Spelz Telfer

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