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Code of Conduct

CPT Code of Conduct

CHILD PROTECTION TOOLKIT works based on a value-centered and people-centered approach. 

All persons representing CPT are expected to:

  • Protect HUMAN DIGNITY by honoring RIGHTS and working for JUSTICE

  • RESPECT all people regardless of differences.

  • Be INCLUSIVE – not discriminating based on sex, age, creed, religion, race, political affiliation, economic status, or sexual-orientation.

  • Demonstrate HONESTY in our words and action and TRANSPARENCY of our finances and intentions so that we inspire TRUST and cooperation

  • Work to create SAFE ENVIRONMENTS/SPACES for all people, especially children and the most vulnerable of society.


CHILD PROTECTION TOOLKIT staff and representatives will:

  • Encourage PARTICIPATION and value LISTENING and CONTRIBUTION in all settings so that each person feels valued and that we are truly collaborating and working together as equal partners

  • Be GOOD STEWARDS of our environment, resources, finances, and time

  • Create a LEARNING ENVIRONMENT which allows for mistakes and failures as part of the process of learning and which focuses on ENCOURAGEMENT and POSITIVE reinforcement to stimulate learning, change, and progress.

  • Express GRATITUDE so that we focus on appreciating people, intentions, and the positive contributions and opportunities available

  • Maintain OPEN COMMUNICATIONS so that we fix problems, address issues, and clarify actions to help create understanding.

  • Initiate HOSPITALITY to make everyone comfortable and encouraged to participate

  • Be HOLISTIC so that we recognize individuals physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and support each to find a healthy balance

  • Show EMPATHY to understand and be in SOLIDARITY with those whom we work

  • Reject violence in all its forms within our society and self and look for PEACEful, NON-VIOLENT solutions for change.

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