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Creating Safe Spaces Together so

Children can Thrive


Child Protection Toolkit 

develops documents, videos, and guides to assist your organization in creating robust child safeguarding policies and protection programming.  Additionally, work and resources by other nonprofits are highlighted in links to outside websites.


Articles, press information, announcements, news articles, and CPT research are available in the Media section.



There are many pieces to put together to have a robust child safeguarding & protection program. You may want help.  CPT provides consultancy work to fit budget, staff, and time constraints.  Contact us for a free meeting to discuss your organization's needs.


Child Protection Toolkit (CPT) supports international nonprofits in creating robust child safeguarding and protection programs.  We strive to not only keep children safe but to help children, staff, and organizations to thrive.  We want to move beyond just implementing "Minimum Standards of Protection" to programming using and developing "Best Practices."

Our online resources assist international nonprofits in developing context-specific and culturally appropriate policies by assessing their environments and programs and engaging their staff, participants, and community. 


Washington, DC 20010

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